Labome lists 608210 antibody products against 63065 genes, including 19157 human, 15860 mouse, and 14205 rat genes.

This is a summary of DyLight800 antibody products in Labome database. There are 8 monoclonal DyLight800 antibody products, 13 polyclonal DyLight800 antibody products.

If you are looking for DyLight800 conjugated antibodies against a specific gene, type in gene name in the box above and search. In the resultant gene webpage, select 'antibody' link for the correct gene to go to the antibody webpage, and use the DyLight800 filter there to obtain a list of DyLight800 conjugated antibodies for that gene.


Labome product database lists 8 monoclonal DyLight800 conjugated antibodies, 13 polyclonal DyLight800 conjugated antibodies.


In Labome product database, among DyLight800 conjugated antibodies, 18 can be used for WB, 3 can be used for FC, 2 can be used for IC, 2 can be used for IHC.