Labome lists 828357 antibody products against 79214 genes, including 19257 human, 16526 mouse, and 15720 rat genes.

This is a summary of phosphorylated antibody products in Labome database. There are 3047 monoclonal phosphorylated antibody products, 16510 polyclonal phosphorylated antibody products, 2 recombinant phosphorylated antibody products, including phospho-specific antibodies against 1349 human genes.

If you are looking for phospho-specific antibodies against a specific gene, type in gene name in the box above and search. In the resultant gene webpage, select 'antibody' link for the correct gene to go to the antibody webpage, and use the phosphorylated filter there to obtain a list of phospho-specific antibodies for that gene.

about Protein Phosphorylation

Protein phosphorylation is one of the major means of cell signaling transduction and enzymatic activity regulation. The advent of anti phospho antibodies is one of significant events in signal transduction research. Labome product database contains phospho-specific antibodies against thousands of genes.

Protein phosphorylation occurs generally on three amino acid residues, tyrosine, serine, and threonine. Antibodies against phosphotyrosine, phosphoserine, and phosphothreonine have been extremely useful tools in signal transduction studies. see review on phosphotyrosine antibody. If you are looking to purchase any of the antibodies, their suppliers can be found here, phosphotyrosine antibody, phosphoserine antibody, and phosphothreonine antibody.


Labome product database lists 3047 monoclonal phospho-specific antibodies, 16510 polyclonal phospho-specific antibodies, 2 recombinant phospho-specific antibodies.

Gene Species

Phospho-specific antibodies correspond to 1349 human genes, 954 mouse genes, 893 rat genes, 166 cow genes, 121 dog genes, 77 chicken genes, 61 zebrafish genes, 34 Caenorhabditis elegans genes, 27 common platanna genes, 25 pig genes, 19 fruit fly genes, 16 Chinese hamster genes, 12 chimpanzee genes, 11 rabbit genes, 8 Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c genes, 5 equine genes, 4 Domestic guinea pig genes, 3 western clawed frog genes.

Host Species

In Labome product database, among phospho-specific antibodies, 17967 from rabbit host, 1170 from mouse host, 303 from goat host, 61 from sheep host, 53 from rat host.

Antibody Conjugation

In Labome product database, among phospho-specific antibodies, 577 are conjugated with biotin, 554 are conjugated with HRP, 547 are conjugated with PE, 536 are conjugated with FITC, 516 are conjugated with APC, 515 are conjugated with AP, 59 are conjugated with AF488, 38 are conjugated with AF647, 14 are conjugated with Bead, 13 are conjugated with agarose, 9 are conjugated with Alexa Fluor 555, 7 are conjugated with Alexa Fluor 594, 4 are conjugated with DyLight488, 2 are conjugated with DyLight 550, 2 are conjugated with DyLight 650, 2 are conjugated with Pacific Blue.


In Labome product database, among phospho-specific antibodies, 14422 can be used for WB, 6784 can be used for ELISA, 4933 can be used for IHC, 4022 can be used for IC, 2911 can be used for IP, 1477 can be used for IHC-P, 721 can be used for FC, 88 can be used for IHC-F, 60 can be used for ChIP, 14 can be used for FACS, 10 can be used for EIA, 5 can be used for ChIP-Seq, 5 can be used for EMSA, 2 can be used for RIA, 2 can be used for A.