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Zbtb7b synonym: Thpok; Zfp67; c-Krox; T helper-inducing POZ/Krueppel factor; T-helper-inducing POZ/Krueppel-like factor; Vzinc finger and BTB domain containing 7B; krueppel-related zinc finger protein cKrox; zfp-67; zinc finger and BTB domain-containing protein 7B; zinc finger protein 67; zinc finger protein Th-POK

  • eBioscience anti-Th-POK antibody was used to perform flow cytometry in order to investigate the importance of TCR signaling to natural killer T cell development.ncbi, more
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    eBioscience1Zbtb7b antibody
    Table 1. mouse Zbtb7b antibody flow cytometry.
Articles Reviewed
  1. J Christoph Vahl et al. (2013). "NKT cell-TCR expression activates conventional T cells in vivo, but is largely dispensable for mature NKT cell biology".PMID 23853545