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Tpm1 synonym: AA986836; AI854628; TM2; Tm3; Tmpa; Tpm-1; alpha-TM; alpha tropomyosin; alpha-tropomyosin; tropomyosin-1

rabbit polyclonal
  • WB; rat
Abcam Tpm1 antibody (Abcam, ab55915) was used in western blot on rat samples. Carcinogenesis (2012) ncbi
mouse monoclonal (TM311)
  • WB; human
Sigma-Aldrich Tpm1 antibody (Sigma, TM311) was used in western blot on human samples. Cell Cycle (2013) ncbi
mouse monoclonal (TM311)
  • IC; common platanna; 1:200; tbl 1
Sigma-Aldrich Tpm1 antibody (Sigma, T 2780) was used in immunocytochemistry on common platanna samples at 1:200 (tbl 1). Methods (2014) ncbi
not indicated
  • IHC; mouse
Sigma-Aldrich mouse monoclonal anti-tropomyosin antibody TM311 was used in tissue sections from mouse and in immunohistochemistry to study the distribution and position of spectrin within the ID as well as its relationship to the known membrane junctional complexes.Mol Biol Cell (2006) ncbi
Articles Reviewed
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  2. Chinedu U Nworu et al. (2014). "Preparation of developing Xenopus muscle for sarcomeric protein localization by high-resolution imaging".PMID 23806641
  3. Hansjuerg Alder et al. (2012). "Dysregulation of miR-31 and miR-21 induced by zinc deficiency promotes esophageal cancer".PMID 22689922
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