This is a review about Ntrk3, based on 2 published articles (read how Labome selects the articles), using Ntrk3 antibody in experiments. It is aimed to help Labome visitors find the most suited Ntrk3 antibody.
Ntrk3 synonym: AW125844; Ntrk3_tv3; TrkC; GP145-TrkC; NT-3 growth factor receptor; neurotrophin-3; trk-C; trkC tyrosine kinase

  • R&D Systems goat anti-TrkC was used to perform immunohistochemistry in order to explore the contribution of Npn-1 to Axon-Axon interactionsncbi, more
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    Santa Cruz Biotechnology1Ntrk3 antibody
    Table 1. mouse Ntrk3 antibody immunocytochemistry.
  • Santa Cruz Biotechnology anti-TrkC antibody was used to carry out western blot analysis and immunofluorescence assays in order to investigate the role of elevated P75NTR level in the death of engrailed deficient dopaminergic neuronsncbi, more
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R and D Systems1Ntrk3 antibody
Table 2. mouse Ntrk3 antibody immunohistochemistry.
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Santa Cruz Biotechnology1Ntrk3 antibody
Table 3. mouse Ntrk3 antibody western blot.
Articles Reviewed
  1. Rosa Eva Huettl et al. (2011). "Npn-1 contributes to axon-axon interactions that differentially control sensory and motor innervation of the limb".PMID 21364975
  2. Kambiz N Alavian et al. (2009). "Elevated P75NTR expression causes death of engrailed-deficient midbrain dopaminergic neurons by Erk1/2 suppression".PMID 19291307