This is a review about Mlh1, based on 4 published articles (read how Labome selects the articles), using Mlh1 antibody in all methods. It is aimed to help Labome visitors find the most suited Mlh1 antibody.
Mlh1 synonym: 1110035C23Rik; AI317206; AI325952; AI561766; colon cancer, nonpolyposis type 2; mutL protein homolog 1

Santa Cruz Biotechnology
rabbit polyclonal (C-20)
  • IHC-P; human; fig  1
  • WB; human; fig  1
Santa Cruz Biotechnology Mlh1 antibody (Santa Cruz Biotechnology, sc-582) was used in immunohistochemistry - paraffin section on human samples (fig  1) and in western blot on human samples (fig  1). PLoS ONE (2015) ncbi
not indicated
  • IHC; mouse
Santa Cruz mouse-anti-MLH1 antibody was used in immunohistochemistry to study the role for MUS81 in mammalian meiosis in paraffin sections from mice tissue.PLoS Genet (2008) ncbi
BD Biosciences
mouse monoclonal (G168-728)
  • WB; human
  • IP; human
BD Biosciences Mlh1 antibody (BD Biosciences, G168-728) was used in western blot on human samples and in immunoprecipitation on human samples. Mol Cancer (2014) ncbi
not indicated
  • IHC; mouse
BD Pharmingen anti-MLH1 antibody was used to perform immunohistochemistry in order to show that azathioprine would induce carcinogenesis in mice by the copy number of the Msh2 gene.J Natl Cancer Inst (2010) ncbi
Articles Reviewed
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  2. Inga Hinrichsen et al. (2014). "Reduced migration of MLH1 deficient colon cancer cells depends on SPTAN1".PMID 24456667
  3. Alexandra Chalastanis et al. (2010). "Azathioprine-induced carcinogenesis in mice according to Msh2 genotype".PMID 20923998
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