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Lep synonym: obese; obesity factor

Santa Cruz Biotechnology
rabbit polyclonal (H-146)
  • WB; human; 1:100-400
  • WB; rat; 1:100-400
In order to investigate apelin signaling in brown adipocyte tissue, Santa Cruz Biotechnology Lep antibody (Santa Cruz Biotechnology, sc-9014) was used in western blot on human samples at 1:100-400 and on rat samples at 1:100-400. J Biol Chem (2015) ncbi
rabbit polyclonal (H-146)
  • WB; human
Santa Cruz Biotechnology Lep antibody (Santa Cruz, SC-9014) was used in western blot on human samples. J Vis Exp (2014) ncbi
rabbit polyclonal (A-20)
  • WB; rat
  • IHC; rat
Santa Cruz Biotechnology Lep antibody (Santa Cruz Biotech., sc-842) was used in western blot on rat samples and in immunohistochemistry on rat samples. Biotech Histochem (2014) ncbi
R and D Systems
goat polyclonal
  • FC; mouse; fig s4
R and D Systems Lep antibody (R&D Systems, BAF497) was used in flow cytometry on mouse samples (fig s4). Stem Cell Reports (2015) ncbi
not indicated
  • ELISA; mouse
R&D systems leptin ELISA kit was used to perform ELISA in order to study the effect of adipose tissue lipolysis on glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity.PLoS Biol (2013) ncbi
rabbit polyclonal
  • IHC-P; sheep; 1:500
In order to measure FGF2, Ang1, VEGF, ObRb, and leptin expression in the corpus luteum of goats, Invitrogen Lep antibody (Thermo Scientific, PA1-052) was used in immunohistochemistry - paraffin section on sheep samples at 1:500. Anim Reprod Sci (2014) ncbi
EMD Millipore
not indicated
  • ELISA; mouse
Linco Research Inc. mouse serum leptin ELISA kit was used to quantify mouse serum leptin in order to study the effect of dietary curcumin on obesity-associated inflammation and diabetes in mouse models of diabesity.Endocrinology (2008) ncbi
Crystal Chem
not indicated
  • ELISA; mouse
Crystal Chem mouse anti-Leptin antibody (which is in a ELISA Kit) was used in ELISA to study the role for ghrelin receptors in the development of diet-induced obesity in mice.J Clin Invest (2005) ncbi
Articles Reviewed
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