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Csf2 synonym: Csfgm; GMCSF; Gm-CSf; MGI-IGM; CSF; colony-stimulating factor; granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor 2; put. GM-CSF

rat monoclonal (MP1-22E9)
  • FC; mouse
BioLegend Csf2 antibody (BioLegend, MP1-22E9) was used in flow cytometry on mouse samples. J Immunol (2014) ncbi
Santa Cruz Biotechnology
rabbit polyclonal (FL-144)
  • IHC-P; mouse; 1:200
Santa Cruz Biotechnology Csf2 antibody (Santa Cruz, FL-144) was used in immunohistochemistry - paraffin section on mouse samples at 1:200. J Immunol (2014) ncbi
R and D Systems
not indicatedR&D systems recombinant mouse GM-CSF protein was used as a supplement to culture mouse fetal TSt-4 cells in order to determine the early checkpoint for progenitors developing toward T cells in T cell development.Science (2010) ncbi
not indicatedR&D Systems murine granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor was used to culture cells in order to indicate that toll-like receptor 9 modulates pulmonary antifungal immune responses to swollen conidia Aspergillus fumigatus in host.Infect Immun (2009) ncbi
not indicated
  • FC; mouse
eBioscience anti-GM-CSF mAb was used to perform flow cytometry in order to show that DCs generated with GM-CSF can result in RA production.Int Immunol (2009) ncbi
BD Biosciences
rat monoclonal (MP1-22E9)
  • FC; mouse
BD Biosciences Csf2 antibody (BD Biosciences, MP1-22E9) was used in flow cytometry on mouse samples. J Exp Med (2014) ncbi
not indicatedPeproTech mouse GM-CSF was used in 0.5 ng/ml to perform cell culture in order to show that PAH metabolism mediated by Langerhans cells leads to DNA damage and tumorigenesis.Science (2012) ncbi
not indicatedPeprotech recombinant murine GM-CSF protein was used in clonal analysis experiments to identify a clonogenic bone marrow progenitor specific for macrophages and dendritic cellsScience (2006) ncbi
not indicatedSigma murine GM-CSF was used to treat the animal in order to test the hypothesis that exposure of mice to fever-like temperatures abrogates neutrophil recruitment and NF-kappaB activation in a mouse model of skin inflammationAm J Pathol (2008) ncbi
Articles Reviewed
  1. Qian Zhou et al. (2014). "GM-CSF-licensed CD11b+ lung dendritic cells orchestrate Th2 immunity to Blomia tropicalis".PMID 24943219
  2. Georg F Weber et al. (2014). "Pleural innate response activator B cells protect against pneumonia via a GM-CSF-IgM axis".PMID 24821911
  3. Ping Hsien Lee et al. (2014). "The transcription factor E74-like factor 4 suppresses differentiation of proliferating CD4+ T cells to the Th17 lineage".PMID 24259505
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