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transthyretin synonym: CTS; CTS1; HEL111; HsT2651; PALB; TBPA; ATTR; carpal tunnel syndrome 1; epididymis luminal protein 111; prealbumin, amyloidosis type I; thyroxine-binding prealbumin

Santa Cruz Biotechnology
rabbit polyclonal (FL-147)
  • WB; mouse; 1:2000
Santa Cruz Biotechnology transthyretin antibody (Santa Cruz Biotechnology, sc-13098) was used in western blot on mouse samples at 1:2000. Muscle Nerve (2015) ncbi
Proteintech Group
rabbit polyclonal
  • WB; mouse
Proteintech Group transthyretin antibody (Proteintech, 11891-1-AP) was used in western blot on mouse samples. Diabetes (2015) ncbi
mouse monoclonal (10E1)
  • WB; human; 1:2000
Abcam transthyretin antibody (Abcam, ab53422) was used in western blot on human samples at 1:2000. J Pain Symptom Manage (2014) ncbi
not indicated
  • IHC; human
Dako polyclonal anti-transthyretin antibody was used in immunohistochemistry to study the association of hereditary lattice corneal dystrophy with corneal amyloid deposits enclosing C-terminal fragments of feratoepithelin.Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci (2005) ncbi
Articles Reviewed
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  2. Laura Zemany et al. (2015). "Transthyretin Antisense Oligonucleotides Lower Circulating RBP4 Levels and Improve Insulin Sensitivity in Obese Mice".PMID 25524914
  3. Nada Lukkahatai et al. (2014). "Proteomic serum profile of fatigued men receiving localized external beam radiation therapy for non-metastatic prostate cancer".PMID 23916682
  4. Barbara Stix et al. (2005). "Hereditary lattice corneal dystrophy is associated with corneal amyloid deposits enclosing C-terminal fragments of keratoepithelin".PMID 15790870