This is a review about transferrin receptor 2, based on 2 published articles (read how Labome selects the articles), using transferrin receptor 2 antibody in all methods. It is aimed to help Labome visitors find the most suited transferrin receptor 2 antibody.
transferrin receptor 2 synonym: HFE3; TFRC2

Santa Cruz Biotechnology
rabbit polyclonal (H-140)
  • WB; rat; 1:500
Santa Cruz Biotechnology transferrin receptor 2 antibody (Santa Cruz, sc-48747) was used in western blot on rat samples at 1:500. Arch Gerontol Geriatr (2014) ncbi
not indicated
  • WB; human
Zymed Laboratories Inc. anti-transferrin receptor antibody was used in human cells and in western blot to study the role for ubiquilin 1 in modulating amyloid precursor protein trafficking and Abeta secretion.J Biol Chem (2006) ncbi
Articles Reviewed
  1. Steven A Bloomer et al. (2014). "Heat stress stimulates hepcidin mRNA expression and C/EBPα protein expression in aged rodent liver".PMID 23993269
  2. Mikko Hiltunen et al. (2006). "Ubiquilin 1 modulates amyloid precursor protein trafficking and Abeta secretion".PMID 16945923