This is a review about endostatin, based on 2 published articles (read how Labome selects the articles), using endostatin antibody in all methods. It is aimed to help Labome visitors find the most suited endostatin antibody.
endostatin synonym: KNO; KNO1; antiangiogenic agent; collagen, type XVIII, alpha 1; endostatin; multi-functional protein MFP

EMD Millipore
not indicated
  • WB; human
Upstate Biotechnology anti-endostatin monoclonal antibody was used to perform western blot in order to study the role of astrocytes on angiogenesis.Arch Ophthalmol (2008) ncbi
R and D Systems
not indicated
  • IHC; human
R&D Systems anti-endostatin antibody was used to perform immunohistochemistry in order to study the level of angiogenesis inhibitors in eyes with age-related macular degeneration.Arch Ophthalmol (2008) ncbi
Articles Reviewed
  1. Marcelo N Rudzinski et al. (2008). "Antiangiogenic characteristics of astrocytes from optic nerve heads with primary open-angle glaucoma".PMID 18474779
  2. Imran A Bhutto et al. (2008). "Reduction of endogenous angiogenesis inhibitors in Bruch's membrane of the submacular region in eyes with age-related macular degeneration".PMID 18474778