This is a review about WNT1, based on 4 published articles (read how Labome selects the articles), using WNT1 antibody in experiments. It is aimed to help Labome visitors find the most suited WNT1 antibody.
WNT1 synonym: BMND16; INT1; OI15; proto-oncogene Int-1 homolog; proto-oncogene Wnt-1; wingless-type MMTV integration site family, member 1 (oncogene INT1)

  • Abcam Wnt1 antibody were used in immunohistochemistry in order to quantify and localize the expression and activity of the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway in IPF (catalog: ab15251) ncbi, more
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    Abcam1WNT1 antibody
    EMD Millipore1WNT1 antibody
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    Table 1. WNT1 antibody western blot.
  • Abcam antibodies against WNT1 were used in western blot and immunohistochemistry to investigate the role of WISP1 in the regulation of ATII cell hyperplasia and plasticity.ncbi, more
  • Upstate Biotechnology mouse anti-Wnt1 (clone Mc123) antibody was used in western blot to study the Tak1/Nemo-like kinase pathway activation by Wntncbi, more
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  • David M Jablons (Thoracic Oncology Laboratory, Department of Surgery, Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of California, San Francisco, CA 94115) anti-Wnt-1 mouse monoclonal antibody was used in blocking experiments and western blot to study Wnt-1 expression and cell death in sarcoma cellsncbi, more
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Abcam2WNT1 antibodyab15251
Table 2. WNT1 antibody immunohistochemistry.
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Table 3. WNT1 antibody block or activate.
Articles Reviewed
  1. Melanie Konigshoff et al. (2009). "WNT1-inducible signaling protein-1 mediates pulmonary fibrosis in mice and is upregulated in humans with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis".PMID 19287097
  2. Melanie Konigshoff et al. (2008). "Functional Wnt signaling is increased in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis".PMID 18478089
  3. Iwao Mikami et al. (2005). "Efficacy of Wnt-1 monoclonal antibody in sarcoma cells".PMID 15913453
  4. Linda Smit et al. (2004). "Wnt activates the Tak1/Nemo-like kinase pathway".PMID 14960582