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TP53BP2 synonym: 53BP2; ASPP2; BBP; P53BP2; PPP1R13A; BCL2-binding protein; apoptosis-stimulating of p53 protein 2; apoptosis-stimulating protein of p53, 2; renal carcinoma antigen NY-REN-51; tumor protein p53 binding protein, 2; tumor suppressor p53-binding protein 2

  • BD Biosciences anti-53BP2 mouse monoclonal antibody was used in western blot to detect ASPP2/53BP2L expression levels in a wild-type p53 human fibrosarcoma-derived cell line HT1080, the normal human fibroblasts GM38, and human HEK293 cells.ncbi, more
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    BD Biosciences1TP53BP2 antibody
    Table 1. TP53BP2 antibody western blot.
Articles Reviewed
  1. Zhiyi Zhu et al. (2005). "Control of ASPP2/(53BP2L) protein levels by proteasomal degradation modulates p53 apoptotic function".PMID 16091363