This is a review about TAF1, based on 7 published articles (read how Labome selects the articles), using TAF1 antibody in experiments. It is aimed to help Labome visitors find the most suited TAF1 antibody.
TAF1 synonym: BA2R; CCG1; CCGS; DYT3; DYT3/TAF1; KAT4; N-TAF1; NSCL2; P250; TAF(II)250; TAF2A; TAFII-250; TAFII250; XDP; TBP-associated factor 250 kDa; cell cycle gene 1 protein; cell cycle, G1 phase defect; complementation of cell cycle block, G1-to-S; transcription factor TFIID p250 polypeptide; transcription initiation factor TFIID subunit 1

  • Santa Cruz Biotechnology anti-TAF1 antibody (cat. no. sc-735) was used in ChIP assay to study the binding patterns of three members of the E2F family in five human cell types. (catalog: sc-735) ncbi, more
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    Santa Cruz Biotechnology3TAF1 antibodysc-735
    Table 1. TAF1 antibody ChIP assay.
  • Santa Cruz TAF1 antibody was used in ChIP assay to identify novel functional TBP-binding sites and general factor repertoires. (catalog: sc-735) ncbi, more
  • Santa Cruz anti-TAF1 antibody was used to perform Chip in order to show that in human embryonic stem cells there are non-canonical TAF complexes regulate active promoters.ncbi, more
  • Santa Cruz anti-TAFII250 antibody (6B3) was used in immunoprecipitation to study the role for protein methyltransferase 2 in inhibiting NF-kappaB function and promoting apoptosis in human kidney cell line 293.ncbi, more
  • Santa Cruz Biotechnology mouse monoclonal antibody for TAF1 was used in western blot to provide the first evidence that SUMO modifications can directly affect the activity of the human TFIID complexncbi, more
  • Santa Cruz Biotechnology anti-TAF1 antibody was used in western blot, immunoprecipitation, and EMSA to study histone-like TAF complexesncbi, more
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    Santa Cruz Biotechnology3TAF1 antibody
    Table 2. TAF1 antibody western blot.
  • Santa Cruz Biotechnology mouse anti-human TAF1 mAb was used in western blot to detect TAF1 in HeLa whole-cell extract.ncbi, more
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Santa Cruz Biotechnology2TAF1 antibody
Table 3. TAF1 antibody immunoprecipitation.
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Santa Cruz Biotechnology1TAF1 antibody
Table 4. TAF1 antibody EMSA.
Articles Reviewed
  1. Glenn A Maston et al. (2012). "Non-canonical TAF complexes regulate active promoters in human embryonic stem cells".PMID 23150797
  2. Xiaoqin Xu et al. (2007). "A comprehensive ChIP-chip analysis of E2F1, E2F4, and E2F6 in normal and tumor cells reveals interchangeable roles of E2F family members".PMID 17908821
  3. Sergey Denissov et al. (2007). "Identification of novel functional TBP-binding sites and general factor repertoires".PMID 17268553
  4. Lakshmanan Ganesh et al. (2006). "Protein methyltransferase 2 inhibits NF-kappaB function and promotes apoptosis".PMID 16648481
  5. Michael Boyer-Guittaut et al. (2005). "SUMO-1 modification of human transcription factor (TF) IID complex subunits: inhibition of TFIID promoter-binding activity through SUMO-1 modification of hsTAF5".PMID 15637059
  6. Hanshuang Shao et al. (2005). "Core promoter binding by histone-like TAF complexes".PMID 15601843
  7. Stephan P Persengiev et al. (2003). "TRF3, a TATA-box-binding protein-related factor, is vertebrate-specific and widely expressed".PMID 14634207