This is a review about JAG2, based on 2 published articles (read how Labome selects the articles), using JAG2 antibody in experiments. It is aimed to help Labome visitors find the most suited JAG2 antibody.
JAG2 synonym: HJ2; SER2; protein jagged-2

  • Santa Cruz Biotechnology polyclonal anti-Jagged2 antibody (sc-8158) was used in immunohistochemistry to study the effect of Delta1 versus Jagged1 on T-cell progenitors at specific developmental stages in sections from human thymic tissue. (catalog: sc-8158) ncbi, more
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    Santa Cruz Biotechnology1JAG2 antibodysc-8158
    Table 1. JAG2 antibody immunohistochemistry.
  • Santa Cruz Biotechnologies Biosystems anti-JAGGED2 antibody was used to perform immunocytochemistry and flow cytometry in order to show that mesenchymal stem cell can be polarized by downstream TLR signaling into two distinctly acting phenotypes.ncbi, more
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Santa Cruz Biotechnology1JAG2 antibody
Table 2. JAG2 antibody flow cytometry.
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Santa Cruz Biotechnology1JAG2 antibody
Table 3. JAG2 antibody immunocytochemistry.
Articles Reviewed
  1. Ruth S Waterman et al. (2010). "A new mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) paradigm: polarization into a pro-inflammatory MSC1 or an Immunosuppressive MSC2 phenotype".PMID 20436665
  2. Sophie M Lehar et al. (2005). "Notch ligands Delta 1 and Jagged1 transmit distinct signals to T-cell precursors".PMID 15486060