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IKBKAP synonym: DYS; ELP1; IKAP; IKI3; TOT1; IKK complex-associated protein; elongator acetyltransferase complex subunit 1; ikappaB kinase complex-associated protein

Santa Cruz Biotechnology
rabbit polyclonal (H-302)
  • IHC; zebrafish; 1:1000
In order to determine role of IKBKAP in the development of enteric nervous system and Hirschsprung disease, Santa Cruz Biotechnology IKBKAP antibody (Santa Cruz, sc-8336) was used in immunohistochemistry on zebrafish samples at 1:1000. World J Gastroenterol (2015) ncbi
not indicated
  • WB; human
Santa Cruz Biotech anti-carboxyl terminus of human IKAP antibody (1:3,000) was used to perform western blot in order to study the rescuing function of human IKBKAP in the embryonic lethality resulting from mouse Ikbkap ablation.Mol Cell Biol (2009) ncbi
rabbit polyclonal (H-302)
  • IP; human; fig 2
In order to describe a novel role for IKAP in the regulating the activation of the mammalian stress response, Santa Cruz Biotechnology IKBKAP antibody (Santa Cruz, H302) was used in immunoprecipitation on human samples (fig 2). J Biol Chem (2002) ncbi
Articles Reviewed
  1. William Wai Chun Cheng et al. (2015). "Depletion of the IKBKAP ortholog in zebrafish leads to hirschsprung disease-like phenotype".PMID 25717236
  2. Yei Tsung Chen et al. (2009). "Loss of mouse Ikbkap, a subunit of elongator, leads to transcriptional deficits and embryonic lethality that can be rescued by human IKBKAP".PMID 19015235
  3. Christian Holmberg et al. (2002). "A novel specific role for I kappa B kinase complex-associated protein in cytosolic stress signaling".PMID 12058026