This is a review about GJB2, based on 6 published articles (read how Labome selects the articles), using GJB2 antibody in experiments. It is aimed to help Labome visitors find the most suited GJB2 antibody.
GJB2 synonym: CX26; DFNA3; DFNA3A; DFNB1; DFNB1A; HID; KID; NSRD1; PPK; connexin 26; gap junction beta-2 protein; gap junction protein beta 2

  • Santa Cruz Biotechnology goat polyclonal anti-Cx26 antibody was used to study the localization and expression of cx-26, Bcl-xL, and Bax proteins in colorectal cancerncbi, more
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    Santa Cruz Biotechnology2GJB2 antibody
    Thermo Scientific1GJB2 antibody
    Table 1. GJB2 antibody immunohistochemistry.
  • Santa Cruz Biotechnology anti-connexin 26 antibody N-19 was used in immunohistochemistry to study the role of MACROH2A2 in the MACROH2A core histone family.ncbi, more
  • Zymed Laboratories anti-Cxs26 was used as primary antibody in immunoprecipitation in order to prove that the mutations at the two contributor genes of non-syndromic deafness can cause hearing loss in a heterozygous condition.ncbi, more
  • Zymed Laboratories Cx26 antibody (1:200) was used in immunocytochemistry to demonstrate that up-regulation of Cx26 or slowing down its protein degradation might be a therapeutic strategy to prevent and treat deafness caused by Cx30 mutations.ncbi, more
  • Zymed Laboratories connexin26 antibody was used in western blot and immunohistochemistry to show that exocrine specific expression of Connexin32 is dependent on transcription factor Mist1.ncbi, more
  • Zymed Laboratories Inc. anti-Cx26 antibody was used in immunocytochemistry to study the mechanism of inhibition of retroviral delivery of connexin genes for tumor growth.ncbi, more
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    Thermo Scientific2GJB2 antibody
    Table 2. GJB2 antibody immunocytochemistry.
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Thermo Scientific1GJB2 antibody
Table 3. GJB2 antibody immunoprecipitation.
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Thermo Scientific1GJB2 antibody
Table 4. GJB2 antibody western blot.
Articles Reviewed
  1. Xue Zhong Liu et al. (2009). "Digenic inheritance of non-syndromic deafness caused by mutations at the gap junction proteins Cx26 and Cx31".PMID 19050930
  2. Shoeb Ahmad et al. (2007). "Restoration of connexin26 protein level in the cochlea completely rescues hearing in a mouse model of human connexin30-linked deafness".PMID 17227867
  3. Luiza Kanczuga-Koda et al. (2005). "Connexin 26 correlates with Bcl-xL and Bax proteins expression in colorectal cancer".PMID 15770735
  4. J Michael Rukstalis et al. (2003). "Exocrine specific expression of Connexin32 is dependent on the basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor Mist1".PMID 12829745
  5. Hong Qin et al. (2002). "Retroviral delivery of connexin genes to human breast tumor cells inhibits in vivo tumor growth by a mechanism that is independent of significant gap junctional intercellular communication".PMID 12042301
  6. C Costanzi et al. (2001). "MACROH2A2, a new member of the MARCOH2A core histone family".PMID 11262398