This is a review about F2, based on 6 published articles (read how Labome selects the articles), using F2 antibody in all methods. It is aimed to help Labome visitors find the most suited F2 antibody.
F2 synonym: RPRGL2; THPH1; coagulation factor II (thrombin); prepro-coagulation factor II; prothrombin B-chain; serine protease

Santa Cruz Biotechnology
goat polyclonal (K-20)
  • IHC; human; 1:50
Santa Cruz Biotechnology F2 antibody (Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Sc-16972) was used in immunohistochemistry on human samples at 1:50. Am J Pathol (2010) ncbi
not indicatedThermo Fisher Scientific biotinylated thrombin was used to perform protein purification to evaluate a novel screening method for the discovery of next-generation drugs against Plasmodium liver stages.Science (2011) ncbi
Roche Applied Science
not indicatedRoche thrombin was used to activate samples in order to study the effects of the lack of CD63 on renal function and lysosomal function.Mol Cell Biol (2009) ncbi
not indicatedSigma-Aldrich thrombin was used to induce the anaphylactic reactions in order to investigate the role of endothelial Gq/G11-mediated signaling in regulating anaphylactic reactions.J Exp Med (2009) ncbi
not indicatedSigma human thrombin was used to prepare fibrin standards in order to develop a mouse model of HUS by administering endotoxin-free Stx2 and study the role of anti-Stx2 antibody in protection from lethal outcome.Infect Immun (2008) ncbi
Enzyme Research Laboratories
not indicatedEnzyme Research Laboratories human alpha-thrombin was used to perform fibrin clots formation in order to show that obstructed blood vessels could be targeted by shear-activated nanotherapeutics.Science (2012) ncbi
Articles Reviewed
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