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CHMP2B synonym: ALS17; CHMP2.5; DMT1; VPS2-2; VPS2B; VPS2 homolog B; charged multivesicular body protein 2b; chromatin modifying protein 2B; vacuolar protein-sorting-associated protein 2-2

  • Abcam antibody mouse rabbit anti-CHMP2B antibody was used to perform immunohistochemistry in order to study quantification of CHMP2B on intercellular bridges at different stages.ncbi, more
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    Abcam1CHMP2B antibody
    Table 1. CHMP2B antibody immunohistochemistry.
Articles Reviewed
  1. Julien Guizetti et al. (2011). "Cortical constriction during abscission involves helices of ESCRT-III-dependent filaments".PMID 21310966