This is a review about BRIP1, based on 2 published articles (read how Labome selects the articles), using BRIP1 antibody in experiments. It is aimed to help Labome visitors find the most suited BRIP1 antibody.
BRIP1 synonym: BACH1; FANCJ; ATP-dependent RNA helicase BRIP1; BRCA1-associated C-terminal helicase 1; BRCA1-binding helicase-like protein BACH1; BRCA1/BRCA2-associated helicase 1; Fanconi anemia group J protein

  • Abcam BRIP1 polyclonal antibody was used in western blot to study the role of TLS DNA polymerases eta and kappa in the regulation of naturally occurring DNA structures in human cancer cells.ncbi, more
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    Abcam1BRIP1 antibody
    Table 1. BRIP1 antibody western blot.
  • Bethyl Laboratories anti-FANCJ was used to perform western blot and immunoprecipitation in order to show that DNA metabolism and genomic integrity were maintained by MMS19.ncbi, more
Table 2. BRIP1 antibody immunoprecipitation.
Articles Reviewed
  1. Oliver Stehling et al. (2012). "MMS19 assembles iron-sulfur proteins required for DNA metabolism and genomic integrity".PMID 22678362
  2. Remy Betous et al. (2009). "Role of TLS DNA polymerases eta and kappa in processing naturally occurring structured DNA in human cells".PMID 19117014