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BIN1 synonym: AMPH2; AMPHL; SH3P9; amphiphysin II; amphiphysin-like protein; box dependant MYC interacting protein 1; box-dependent myc-interacting protein 1

Santa Cruz Biotechnology
mouse monoclonal (2F11)
  • IHC-F; mouse; 1:100; fig 4
In order to study the role of vesicle trafficking and cytoskeletal reorganization in the mechanism by which EHD1 mediates normal muscle development, Santa Cruz Biotechnology BIN1 antibody (Santa Cruz, sc-23918) was used in immunohistochemistry - frozen section on mouse samples at 1:100 (fig 4). Dev Biol (2014) ncbi
rabbit polyclonal (H-100)
  • IHC; human
Santa Cruz Biotechnology BIN1 antibody (Santa Cruz, sc30099) was used in immunohistochemistry on human samples. Mol Psychiatry (2013) ncbi
EMD Millipore
mouse monoclonal
  • WB; human
In order to study the relationship of an Alzheimer's disease-linked SNP in the CLU gene and Tau, EMD Millipore BIN1 antibody (Millipore, 05-449) was used in western blot on human samples. PLoS ONE (2014) ncbi
not indicated
  • IHC; human
  • IP; human
  • WB; human
Sigma mouse anti-BIN1 antibody(1:50) was used to perform immunohistochemistry, western blot, and immunoprecipitation in order to study the BIN1 localized Cav1.2 to cardiac T-tubulesbetaPLoS Biol (2010) ncbi
Articles Reviewed
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  2. Avery D Posey et al. (2014). "EHD1 mediates vesicle trafficking required for normal muscle growth and transverse tubule development".PMID 24440153
  3. J Chapuis et al. (2013). "Increased expression of BIN1 mediates Alzheimer genetic risk by modulating tau pathology".PMID 23399914
  4. Ting Ting Hong et al. (2010). "BIN1 localizes the L-type calcium channel to cardiac T-tubules".PMID 20169111