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IFNG synonym: IFN-gamma; boIFNG; interferon gamma; interferon gamma type 2; interferon-gamma

  • BOVIGAM anti-IFN-gamma antibody (which was in an ELISA kit) was used in Holstein calves T-lymphocyte and in ELISA to study the relative contributions of MSP1a and MSP1b proteins in stimulating memory CD4+ T-lymphocyte responses in calves immunized with native MSP1.ncbi, more
Articles Reviewed
  1. W C Brown et al. (2001). "CD4(+) T lymphocytes from calves immunized with Anaplasma marginale major surface protein 1 (MSP1), a heteromeric complex of MSP1a and MSP1b, preferentially recognize the MSP1a carboxyl terminus that is conserved among strains".PMID 11598059