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Progesterone Receptor
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immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry, immunohistochemistry - paraffin section
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  1. human (immunohistochemistry)
    Michaelidou K, Ardavanis A, Scorilas A. Clinical relevance of the deregulated kallikrein-related peptidase 8 mRNA expression in breast cancer: a novel independent indicator of disease-free survival. Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2015;152:323-36 pubmed publisher
  2. human (immunohistochemistry)
    Nakada S, Minato H, Takegami T, Kurose N, Ikeda H, Kobayashi M, et al. NAB2-STAT6 fusion gene analysis in two cases of meningeal solitary fibrous tumor/hemangiopericytoma with late distant metastases. Brain Tumor Pathol. 2015;: pubmed
  3. human (immunohistochemistry(1:250))
    Geels Y, van der Putten L, van Tilborg A, Lurkin I, Zwarthoff E, Pijnenborg J, et al. Immunohistochemical and genetic profiles of endometrioid endometrial carcinoma arising from atrophic endometrium. Gynecol Oncol. 2015;137:245-51 pubmed publisher
  4. human (immunohistochemistry - paraffin section(1:70))
    Eom K, Jang M, Park S, Kang E, Kim S, Kim J, et al. The Expression of Carbonic Anhydrase (CA) IX/ XII and Lymph Node Metastasis in Early Breast Cancer. Cancer Res Treat. 2015;: pubmed publisher
  5. human (immunohistochemistry - paraffin section)
    Rusz O, Vörös A, Varga Z, Kelemen G, Uhercsak G, Nikolényi A, et al. One-Year Neoadjuvant Endocrine Therapy in Breast Cancer. Pathol Oncol Res. 2015;: pubmed
  6. human (immunohistochemistry - paraffin section(1:250))
    Simons M, Nagtegaal I, Overbeek L, Flucke U, Massuger L, Bulten J. A patient with a noninvasive mucinous ovarian borderline tumor presenting with late pleural metastases. Int J Gynecol Pathol. 2015;34:143-50 pubmed publisher
  7. human (immunohistochemistry(1:150))
    Argon A, Sener A, Zekioglu O, Kapkac M, Ozdemir N. The effect of freezing on the immunoprofile of breast carcinoma cells. Balkan Med J. 2014;31:335-9 pubmed publisher
  8. human (immunohistochemistry(1:50))
    Kim G, Lee J, Choi Y, Lee K, Lee J, Nam J, et al. Expression of matrix metalloproteinases and their inhibitors in different immunohistochemical-based molecular subtypes of breast cancer. BMC Cancer. 2014;14:959 pubmed publisher
  9. human (immunohistochemistry - paraffin section(1:500))
    Panis C, Pizzatti L, Corrêa S, Binato R, Lemos G, Herrera A, et al. The positive is inside the negative: HER2-negative tumors can express the HER2 intracellular domain and present a HER2-positive phenotype. Cancer Lett. 2015;357:186-95 pubmed publisher
  10. human (immunohistochemistry - paraffin section(53.8 mg/l))
    Baccelli I, Stenzinger A, Vogel V, Pfitzner B, Klein C, Wallwiener M, et al. Co-expression of MET and CD47 is a novel prognosticator for survival of luminal breast cancer patients. Oncotarget. 2014;5:8147-60 pubmed
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publications citing this reagent :
  1. human (immunohistochemistry - paraffin section(ready-to-use))
    Kuroda N, Fujishima N, Hayes M, Moritani S, Ichihara S. Encapsulated papillary carcinoma, apocrine type, of the breast. Malays J Pathol. 2014;36:139-43 pubmed
  2. human (immunohistochemistry(1:1000))
    Carvalho F, Bacchi L, Pincerato K, van de Rijn M, Bacchi C. Geographic differences in the distribution of molecular subtypes of breast cancer in Brazil. BMC Womens Health. 2014;14:102 pubmed publisher
  3. human (immunohistochemistry(1:100))
    Cha Y, Han S, Seol H, Oh D, Im S, Bang Y, et al. Immunohistochemical features associated with sensitivity to lapatinib-plus-capecitabine and resistance to trastuzumab in HER2-positive breast cancer. Anticancer Res. 2014;34:4275-80 pubmed
  4. human (immunohistochemistry - paraffin section(1:500))
    Mingels M, Masadah R, Geels Y, Otte-Holler I, de Kievit I, van der Laak J, et al. High prevalence of atypical hyperplasia in the endometrium of patients with epithelial ovarian cancer. Am J Clin Pathol. 2014;142:213-21 pubmed publisher
  5. human (immunohistochemistry(1:250))
    van der Post R, Bult P, Vogelaar I, Ligtenberg M, Hoogerbrugge N, van Krieken J. HNF4A immunohistochemistry facilitates distinction between primary and metastatic breast and gastric carcinoma. Virchows Arch. 2014;464:673-9 pubmed publisher
  6. human (immunohistochemistry(1:100) : immunocytochemistry(1:100))
    Balk-Møller E, Kim J, Hopkinson B, Timmermans-Wielenga V, Petersen O, Villadsen R. A marker of endocrine receptor-positive cells, CEACAM6, is shared by two major classes of breast cancer: luminal and HER2-enriched. Am J Pathol. 2014;184:1198-208 pubmed publisher
  7. human (immunohistochemistry - paraffin section(1:70))
    Park H, Jang M, Kim E, Kim H, Lee H, Kim Y, et al. High EGFR gene copy number predicts poor outcome in triple-negative breast cancer. Mod Pathol. 2014;27:1212-22 pubmed publisher
  8. human (immunohistochemistry(1:1000))
    Faupel-Badger J, Duggan M, Sherman M, Garcia-Closas M, Yang X, Lissowska J, et al. Prolactin receptor expression and breast cancer: relationships with tumor characteristics among pre- and post-menopausal women in a population-based case-control study from Poland. Horm Cancer. 2014;5:42-50 pubmed publisher
  9. human (immunohistochemistry - paraffin section(1:200))
    Li Q, Coulson H, Klaassen Z, Sharma S, Ramalingam P, Moses K, et al. Emerging association between androgen deprivation therapy and male meningioma: significant expression of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone receptor in male meningioma. Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis. 2013;16:387-90 pubmed publisher
  10. human (immunohistochemistry - paraffin section(1:2000))
    Dewaele B, Przybyl J, Quattrone A, Finalet Ferreiro J, Vanspauwen V, Geerdens E, et al. Identification of a novel, recurrent MBTD1-CXorf67 fusion in low-grade endometrial stromal sarcoma. Int J Cancer. 2014;134:1112-22 pubmed publisher
  11. human (immunohistochemistry(1:6))
    Yamada Y, Yamamoto H, Ohishi Y, Nishiyama K, Fukuhara M, Saitou T, et al. Sclerosing variant of perivascular epithelioid cell tumor in the female genital organs. Pathol Int. 2011;61:768-72 pubmed publisher
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