gene information - human MUC1
  • synonym:CA 15-3; CD227; EMA; H23AG; KL-6; MAM6; MCKD1; MUC-1; MUC-1/SEC; MUC-1/X; MUC1/ZD; PEM; PEMT; PUM; DF3 antigen; H23 antigen; breast carcinoma-associated antigen DF3; cancer antigen 15-3; carcinoma-associated mucin; episialin; krebs von den Lungen-6; mucin 1, transmembrane; mucin-1; peanut-reactive urinary mucin; polymorphic epithelial mucin; tumor associated epithelial mucin; tumor-associated epithelial membrane antigen; tumor-associated mucin
  • description:mucin 1, cell surface associated
    • DNASU Plasmid Repository [6]
    • OriGene [28]
    • Sino Biological [2]
    • GeneCopoeia [16]
    • Sigma-Aldrich [2]
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