gene information - human ERVW-1
  • synonym:ENV; ENVW; ERVWE1; HERV-7q; HERV-W-ENV; HERV7Q; HERVW; HERVWENV; HERV-7q envelope protein; HERV-W Env glycoprotein; HERV-W envelope protein; HERV-W_7q21.2 provirus ancestral Env polyprotein; HERV-W{7q21.1} provirus ancestral Env polyprotein; HERV-tryptophan envelope protein; endogenous retroviral family W, env(C7), member 1; endogenous retrovirus group W member 1; env-W; envelope glycoprotein; envelope polyprotein gPr73; envelope protein; enverin; human endogenous retrovirus W envC7-1 envelope protein; syncytin A; syncytin-1
  • description:endogenous retrovirus group W, member 1
    • OriGene [6]
    • Sigma-Aldrich [1]
    • Santa Cruz Biotechnology [3]
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