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What is the delivery time for the TDP-43 protein preparation, ATGP2093.

Tomasz Brudek <---@regionh.dk

Labome reply

Dear Dr. Tomasz Brudek,

Thank you for your email. Here is the answer to your questions.

Q1. What is the delivery time for the TDP-43 protein preparation, ATGP2093?
- We have it in stock, and it is ready to ship as soon as an order is placed.

Our prices (in USD) for ATGP2093 are $720/0.5mg, $240/100ug, and $80/20ug.
Here’s the link to this product http://atgenglobal.com/ATGP2093

We charge $70 for shipping unless you prefer to use your own FedEx account. There are no other charges (no handling fees), and shipping is free for orders above $1,000.

You can place an order by email directly through me or via our online ordering system. Please contact me without hesitation if you have any additional questions or need anything else. Have a nice day.

Kind regards,

Pierre Gagnon
ATGen Co. Ltd.
Email: ---@atgenglobal.com
Web Site: http://atgenglobal.com
ATGen Co. Ltd., Institut Pasteur Korea 2F,
Sampyeong-dong 696, Bundang-gu,
Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do,
South Korea, 463-400
Telephone: 82-31-603-9212
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