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VAD, Validated Antibody Database, is incorporated into Labome websites, last updated in August 2015.
  • The database includes manually curated antibody information from 31496 formal publications.
  • Validation is both species- and application-specific.
  • Search your favorite gene at Labome. Gold -> at least three publications; Silver -> one or two publications.

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browse reagents for genes in human, mouse, rat, and other species alphabetically, or browse through pathway, gene family, disease, cell type, tissue, and enzyme.

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We need to change our company listing. We sold part of Strategic Diagnostics Inc. back in 2013. Let me know how we can get a copy of our listing and update it?

Leigh Ann von Hoelle
Sales & Marketing Specialist
SDIX, LLC (Formerly Strategic Diagnostics)

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Materials and Methods A Unique Journal
Materials and Methods is an online review journal (ISSN: 2329-5139), focusing on materials and methods used in biomedical experiments. The journal is unique because each article is regularly updated to reflect most recent advances. Manuscripts are usually invited from experts. Contact info @ if you are interested in submitting a manuscript.

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Unbiased Reviews for Antibodies and Other Reagents
Antibodies for 8036 genes reviewed, based on 10422 randomly selected formal publications. Examples: beta-actin antibody, p53 antibody, and myc antibody.

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