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I note the rabbit antibody repertoire. Given there is a single IgG class what is the complexity within Fcgamma receptors. It would seem only one would be required

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An interesting question. The answer is that it is likely to be more than one Fcgamma receptors in rabbits. You can look at this issue from two angles. 1. The correspondence between IgG subclasses and Fcgamma receptors is not one-to-one. For example, the binding affinity for the non-glycosylated Fc gammaRIIIb is IgG1 > IgG3 >> IgG4 >>> IgG2. 2. You can examine the conservation of Fcgamma receptors between rabbits and human. For example, FcRn is conserved among Magnorder Boreoeutheria, which includes rabbits, rodents, and primates. FcgammaRI is the similarly conserved.


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